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Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty Transcription Services, LLC

Benefits To You

The secret of Sten-Tel's patent (#5,828,730) is in the integration of voice and text files in our digital dictation system, the Sten-Server.

Why is this beneficial?

- Reconciles work returned by transcriptionists to ensure receipt of all files.

- Automates delivery methods by automatically placing text files in private client mailboxes for "electronic retrieval by the client". This eliminates all handling and distribution and gives the client complete "control" of the process 24 hours a day, seven days a week - even when the Sten-Tel office is closed.

- Controls work flow to ensure accurate delivery of reports to clients.

- Provides detailed "index" reports to the client of all work received from the system each time they retrieve reports, so they know exactly what they received.

- Allows for auditing the billing for every transaction on a daily basis.

- Compiles important tracking and status information that the client can access electronically on-demand, providing them with the kind of "control" they would have in monitoring an in-house system.

- Verifies delivery of reports to clients prior to purging the corresponding voice files. This eliminates the loss of dictation and the need for clients to ever have to re-dictate reports.

- Automates the quality control process by allowing selected jobs to be viewed, listened to and edited as needed prior to distribution to the client.

- Accrues and complies detailed summary billing reports on a per transaction basis for both clients and transcriptionists.

- Allows selected jobs to bypass the transcription process and go directly to voice file archival in the event that transcription is not needed immediately.

- Gives the client direct access to the archive repository should they need to retrieve a "courtesy copy" of a report.


"America's Documentation Tool for the 21st Century"

For further information and/or details, contact:

Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty Transcription Services, LLC
69 Pioneer Heights, Somers, CT 06071
Phone 860-749-5660; 1-800-310-2279; Fax 860-749-5661

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