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Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty offers transcription solutions to meet the documentation requirements for today's health care professional.

Who is Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty?

Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty is a locally owned and operated full service transcription service provider. We offer professional transcription solutions to meet the documentation requirements of today's healthcare professionals in all disciplines, as well as meeting the regulatory imperatives of HIPPA and the insurance industry.

  • Admission Notes & Consults
  • History & Physicals
  • Operative Notes
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Emergency Room Reports
  • Office Notes, Letters, SOAP Notes
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Disability Determinations
  • HMO, PPO & Managed Care
  • Forensic & Pathology Evaluations

Why use a transcription service?

  • Decrease overhead expenses
  • Increase office staff productivity
  • Reduce physical office space
  • Decrease equipment costs
  • Eliminate qualified typist hiring & extensive training process
  • Eliminate dictation backlogs
  • Quality control ensures accuracy & peace of mind.

The Sten-Tel System is easy to use, cost-effective and very efficient, leaving a physician with more time to spend with patient care.

One simply picks up the telephone and dials into Sten-Tel's computerized dictation and recording system.

Within 24-48 hours, the transcribed report is ready for electronic transfer to the office computer of choice. No hassles, no gimmicks.

Why Sten-Tel?

  • HIPAA compliant
  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Customized formats
  • Electronic file transfer
  • Detailed billing & auditing
  • Indefinite text archiving
  • Optional voice file archiving
  • Multi-specialty capabilities
  • 1-800 telephone access 24/7
  • No tapes, no lost dictation
  • Experienced qualified staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Full editing capabilities
  • Internet or local system-based
  • Transcriptions done in the U.S.A.

Having Sten-Tel do the job for you is like having your own transcription company, without the expense. You maintain control without all the headaches.

Customer Feedback

"I use Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty Transcription Services for my office notes and letters. The completed documents are expertly done and I would highly recommend this service."
    Deborah Golob, M.D.
    Internist & Endocrinologist
    South Windsor, CT

"We appreciate the exemplary product and service provided. Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty continuously delivers accurate reports and rapid turn-around. We appreciate your continued commitment to quality."
    Gregory Yukner, President
    Millennium Medical Management, Inc.
    West Hempstead, NY

"I own and manage seven office locations. Nothing could be easier. I'm pleased with the ease, flexibility, quality and turnaround. I highly recommend Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty."
    Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.
    Cedarhurst, NY


"America's Documentation Tool for the 21st Century"

For further information and/or details, contact:

Sten-Tel Eight-Sixty Transcription Services, LLC
69 Pioneer Heights, Somers, CT 06071
Phone 860-749-5660; 1-800-310-2279; Fax 860-749-5661

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